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Expert programmer and designer. Experience spanning stand-alone embedded technology to enterprise information systems. Familiar with all varieties animation, compositing and production tracking software, especially regarding technical solutions to production problems. Extensive graphic design, illustration and print experience.

  • Languages: Python, JavaScript, Lisp, REBOL, Lua, C/C++, Java, Ruby, Forth, Assembly
  • Frameworks/Toolkits: Django, Bootstrap, jQuery, wxWindows, OpenCV, Win32, Rails, PySide/QT, OpenGL, OpenCV, Swing
  • Content Creation: Nuke, Fusion, Xara, SCRATCH, Avid, Blender, Houdini, Illustrator, Maya, Moho, Krita, PhotoShop, InDesign
  • Tracking and Analysis: Shotgun, OrangeScrum, Excel, R
  • Infrastructure: Django, Mercurial, MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL, Qube!, Ansible, Nutanix, Git, Passenger, Docker, Subversion, VirtualBox
  • Protocols and Formats: CMX 3600 EDL, Fusion .comp, HTTP, Maya .ma, QuickTime, Nuke .nk, XMLRPC
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Embedded

Senior Software Developer

Jam Filled Toronto (2016 to present)

Senior Software Developer

Arc Productions (1998 to 2016 — 18 years)

Internal Web Development Team Lead

  • Managed responsive team: Handled production floor support requests, ad-hoc per-project needs and long term development of major apps.
  • Transitioned studio from proprietary production management software (Django/MySQL) to commercial production management system (Shotgun): Leadership role in design and implementation of new Shotgun deployment. Added significant custom functionality. Adapted existing pipeline XMLRPC services – no changes to production floor tools required.
  • Electronic time sheet system: Worked to get consensus from all stake holders, managed development for system which streamlined process for employees and accounting department.
  • Transformed gluttonous server into lightweight champ: Original intranet portal required multiple machines that ran at high load with short uptimes. Rewrote, trimmed and optimized into relocatable package that runs lightly on a single server.
  • Instituted formal code reviews: Regular meetings, critiquing production code to increase quality.

Tool Development

  • Compositor scripts and plugins: Built zoomable comp/subcomp workflow and intelligent mass loader re-versioning tool for Fusion. Wrote various Nuke tools including updates of Save/Load verbs to improve cross-platform functionality. Implemented plugins such as scanline analyzer and fast relighting algorithm in C++.
  • Developed stereo versioning workflow: Designed and implemented efficient stereo processing while minimizing storage impact.
  • Documented everything: Instituted specification driven development to ensure correct scope of work and internal client satisfaction. Wrote (and maintained) developer and user focused documentation for all released programs.

Significant Programs

  • Dox – Literate programming documentation generator.
  • Harvestr – SCRATCH footage conform and shipping tool.
  • Moneyball – Schedule planning and bidding software.
  • PyKATZ – Fast feedback continuous testing tool.
  • Rick/Risa – Distributed render farm.
  • shaytan – Comp artist swiss-army knife.
  • Skippr – SCRATCH footage ingest tool.
  • Timelinr – SCRATCH/EDL visual conform tool.
  • Tinycompr – Compact node based compositor.

Head Programmer / Head Animator

Zfx Incorporated (1990 to 1998 — 8 years)

Significant Programs

  • OZX – Web application development and deployment framework. Automatic billing and documentation. Used for all active web pages at Company after initial release.
  • Zpaint – 32 bit broadcast paint package with scripting, plugin architecture and rotoscoping capabilities.
  • Zmatte – Broadcast quality keying application, competitor to Ultimatte.
  • Zscope – Waveform monitor and vectorscope, plotted actual pixel colours on graph for quick comprehension.

Designer / Drafter

DDC Engineering, Incorporated (1986 to 1990 — 4 years)


  • Bachelor of Science, East Tennessee State University
  • Vendor training (Houdini, SGI).
  • Richard Williams animation seminar.
  • Life drawing classes.


Available on request.

Open Source